Flash 5 Kanji Quick Learn Quick Start

Start by clicking on a Kanji symbol.

Click and see its meaning, readings, and words that use the symbol. Select more symbols sets from in the drop down box in the top right.

To test your skills, turn on test mode. Click on the main symbol to see the answer.

To learn more abou this Flash application, click on the HELP button and use the navigation arrows at the top of the page.

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This project was done in Flash 5 using Flash Action Scripting, As of the last update, this SWF file has grown to 118K and contains 66 bitmaps (almost 1K each) and about 54 derived words. I'm truly amazed at how efficient Flash is in producing small file sizes.

The most difficult part of this project was working with Kanji (of which I know very little). I spent most of my time searching for kuten codes, readings, and derived words. Flash 5 turned out to be pretty easy.


I hope you can see the possibilities of using Flash in this manner. There are many spin-offs possible just by reusing the existing library of kanji graphics, buttons, and movie clip symbols.

Supposing for a moment that we were to catalog the two Yookoso books at MIT (with contain around 350 characters), this single SWF would inflate to 400 or 500K . I am intrigued how to restructure the application to create smaller SWF files while maintaining a common shared library.

I mean, Flash 5 seems to export everything with a "linkage" symbol" for runtime attached, movieclips. There seems to be no elegant way to specify what linkage symbols get exported to which file - it simply exports everything. E-mail me if you have a suggestion.