Site Status as of 2014/05/12

Site Standards

This site uses HTML5 and CSS via Dreamweaver (definitely improved in its latest incarnation).


Updated site from XHTML to HTML5 with the objective to make it easer to change the CSS layout at a later date. Secondary aim was to add two photo albums

  • many paths where updated, thus obsoleting current search engine paths
  • Added nav, header. section, and footer markup to templates
  • Added common footer across all pages except home
  • Removed all absolute positioning from the site
  • Added pull down menus using CSS only in the page header Nav bar
  • Replaced all inline horiz menus (prev, next, etc) with float horiz menus
  • Simplified HTML/CSS by eliminating unnecessary html code
  • Implemented better but not perfect CSS throughout
  • Moved Philippines 77-78 photo gallery to "Visuals"
  • Added two Lightroom albums to "Visuals"
  • removed "Your Money/Poker"
  • removed "About Us/Home pictures"
  • removed "Visuals/Maya Notebook" due to age but kept Maya photon illumination tables
  • Using GoogleTagmanager for Analytics
  • Using html5shiv.js for IE7 and IE8.

An old site in look, but then the site continues to be a vehicle for keeping current on HTML and CSS.

Decisions, decisions circa 2014

  • Should we use skip nav's - no. Obsolete in future given the NAV tag.
  • Use WIA-Aria accessibility standards? Yes (very limited use for banner and NAV).
  • Use RDFa or RDFa lite? No.
  • Use microformats? No. No clear leader emerging, not applicable to this site.
  • Use microdata? In theory, not in practice.
  • Use In theory, definitely yes, not in practice. Search Engine payoff.
  • You get the idea - its too early to settle on micro this or that


Added new "Interests/Your Money" section.

  • Tried to write cleaner XHTML/CSS code
  • IE7 refuses to implement CSS correctly.
  • Still using structural work arounds for IE7 problems.
  • Firefox 2.0 - I love you.


Site update has been completed, i.e., pages updated for XHTML/CSS as opposed to table layout. In addition some content was deleted.

Every effort was made to maintain current search engine references.


  • Visuals/3D Hitchcock
  • Visuals/3DEM
  • About/Resume and cover letter
  • Interests/Books
  • Interests/Day Trading

Developer's Ojectives:

  • Create CSS text navbar and photoNavbars
  • Create CSS text crumbs (manual - no server side or javascript)
  • Remove tables in favor off CSS style layouts (there are only 2 tables in the site)
  • Validate pages to XHTML 1.1 Traditional
  • Use relative positioning throughout most of the site
  • Use absolute positioning where needed (hiking pages).
  • Learn CSS and Dreamweaver workflow