from the effects of Sheldon Firth

Harry H. Firth Masonic Lodge Card 1936 Topeka CA
Siloam Lodge No. 225 Topeaka Kansas, issued Nov 16, 1936. It is believed that Harry H. lwas iving in Oakland, CA at this time but still paid dues to a lodge in Kansas. An email response from the lodge gives the following: Member of Siloam Lodge #225, Topeka, KS Initiated on 3/21/1911 in Siloam Lodge #225 Passed on 12/03/1912 by Courtesy Degree Work by Barney Lodge #279, Dighton, KS Raised on 2/22/1915 by Courtesy Degree Work by Emporia Lodge #12, Emporia Harry Firth was initiated the same year he married his wife Ruth McClure most likely because his father-in-law (and brother-in-law) were both members of the same lodge.
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