Photo Composition for Better Photography
Notes from the Web



The human eye is attracted to some elements more than others. The attractive elements are called dominate elements. Evaluating the visual importance of eye-catching elements is based on the following principles:

  • Large/Small - large elements draw more attention than small.
  • Sharpness/Blur - sharpness draws more attention than blur.
  • Lightness/Darkness - light draws more attention than darkness.
  • Difference/Similarity - difference draws more attention than similarity.
  • Warm/cool  - warm colors draw more attention than cool.
  • Jagged/Curved - jagged or sharp lines draw more attention than curved or smooth lines.
  • Rough/Smooth - rough texture draws more attention than smooth.



Dominance contributes to unity because one main idea or feature is emphasized and other elements are subordinate to it.