Easy Hiking in the Valleys of Los Angeles

Hahamonga Watershed Park, Arroyo Seco Pasadena, CA

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Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at the north end of the watershed - a rather large campus.

DIRECTIONS: Exit the 210 Freeway at XXX on North Arroyo Blvd., go north on Windsor Ave. toward the mountains. Where Windsor Ave. intersects Ventrua St. there is a parking lot. The parking lot on Windsor and Ventura is used primarily by mountain bikers that access the northern half of the Hahamonga Watershed at the trailhead adjacent to the lot.


Alternately, when the river is down, you can access this part of the watershed via Oak Grove Park in La Canada. Exit 210 at Berkshire, go north on Oak Grove Drive to park entrance at Foothill Blvd.