Easy Hiking in the Valleys of Los Angeles

Cherry Canyon Open Space - La Canada, CA

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Cerror Negro Trail Loop to microwave tower. Only 30 minutes from entrace to tower. From the tower, follow the loop around to the left and find the "lookout" repleat with bench and view..


The tower. Take a short jaunt to the ledge that is to the right and back of this view to see the newly constructed baseball fields below (off the 2 freeway).

DIRECTIONS: from the Glendale Freeway (Highway 2), just south of its junction with the Foothill Freway (I-210) in La Canada, exit on Verdugo Boulevard. Turn right (east) and drive 0.3 mile to Descanso Drive, Turn right and proceed 0.7 mile to Chevy Chase Drive. Turn right, then soon make another right onto Hampstead Road, which you follow on a 0.5 mile ascent to the signed turnoff for the Park.